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William Yeoward Bunny Stemware

William Yeoward Bunny Stemware

Bunny is an elegant pattern originating from the late 18th century. The rosette motif was very popular at that time and Bunny continues today as a favorite pattern for brides. It has a beautiful combination of delicate engraving and flat cuts. The shape lends itself to both formal and informal settings.


Large Wine: 6.5", 16.5cm, 7oz

Goblet: 7", 18cm, 8 oz

Champagne Flute: 8", 20cm, 15oz

Old Fashioned Tumbler: 4", 10cm, 9oz

Double Old Fashioned Tumbler: 4.5", 11cm, 14oz

Liqueur Tumbler: 2.25", 6cm, 3oz

Tumbler Highball: 5.75", 14.5cm, 14oz