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Deborah Rhodes


Deborah Rhodes began her career as a young girl living in the Deep South.  Odd, but true, by the age of five her small table and chair in the corner of her bedroom started filling up with drawings that morphed into artwork which later framed her life.After completing her fine arts degree, she took a pause and pursued expression in print and television in Los Angeles where she was involved in styling and photography.  By the 1980’s Deborah moved on to New York City where she launched herself into a career in fashion design.   Her interest was focused on accessories, “the spark that brings the clothes together.”  She formed a partnership with Paul Podryski exploring the possibilities within the company.  He is today her husband and remains her partner in Deborah Rhodes design.  The company with the eponymous name sold worldwide, and collaborated with such names as Cynthia Rowley and Nicole Miller to add the perfect chapeau to the runway. Deborah’s love was millinery, hair accessories, and scarves…all the trimmings.  She and her partner had a factory and design studio that created some of the most sought after fashion accessories of the 80’s and 90’s.  Deborah strove for color, texture, and layering…the inventiveness of shape using talented pattern makers and seamstresses that actualized her sketches.  Excellence in form and materials was a never ending search.It was in 1994 that the company made a departure.  Deborah applied her millinery techniques to conjure up what is now known as her signature “original braided round placemat.”  It took off like a comet…and Deborah Rhodes Tabletop was born!