Cordelia Collection by William Yeoward

Cordelia, with its traditional grapevine cutting is an outstanding collection. The grapevine motif is one of the oldest in crystal making and dates from the early 1700’s. This particular pattern has a wonderful ’honeycomb’ cutting on the stem and base, which creates a beautiful optical effect.


Port/Sherry: 4", 11cm, 4oz

Small wine: 5", 13cm, 8.5oz

Large wine: 5.5", 14cm, 11oz

Goblet: 6", 15cm, 14oz

Champagne flute: 8.25", 21cm, 6oz

Old Fashioned Tumbler: 3.5", 9cm, 9oz

Double Old Fashioned Tumbler: 4.25", 11cm, 16oz

$195.00 USD