Davina Collection by William Yeoward

A classical Georgian, flat cut design, Davina is a stylish stemware and barware collection. The tall stems allow you to create a stunning table. The bowl shape is perfect for the appreciation of fine wines. The connoisseur’s choice.

 Port/Sherry: 6", 15cm, 3oz

 Small wine: 7", 18cm, 5oz

 Large wine: 7.5", 19cm, 7oz

 Goblet: 8", 20cm, 8oz


 Champagne: 8.25", 21cm, 7oz

 Old Fashioned tumbler: 3.5", 9cm, 7oz

 Highball tumbler: 4.75", 12cm, 9oz

 Champagne coupe: 6", 15cm, 7oz




$135.00 USD