• Jars' Single/Double Tone Stoneware

Jars' Single/Double Tone Stoneware

Handcrafted in the South of France.

Dishwasher safe (use the low energy setting when available, with an unscented liquid detergent). This collection is microwave-safe. Chip resistant (durable as porcelain) and stain resistant (non-porous).

The everyday pleasure of using this very special, handcrafted stoneware is a result of the history and philosophy of a unique company. Over a century has passed between their original potteries and the current collections. The company has remained true to the founder’s creative vision of turning objects of day-to-day living into works of art, while transforming the functional into the beautiful. They share the same vision and philosophy: a love of beautiful products and artisanal savoir-faire, and an appreciation of the value of hand craftsmanship.

$25.00 USD