Sconset Seafood Boil

Sconset Seafood Boil

Simple Seafood Boil - Serves 4-6

(about 30 minutes)


4 - 1.5 lb. lobsters

4 doz. little neck clams - rinsed and scrubbed

2lbs. raw jumbo shrimp – shell On

1 lb. spicy sausage (chicken or pork)

4-6 ears of Corn

6 cloves garlic

4 scallions

1 cup dry white wine

4 tbs. olive oil

4 lemons

Italian Parsley



In bottom part of double steamer, saute garlic at medium heat in olive oil til fragrant – about 5 mins.

Add scallions and sauté for another 2 minutes

Add pinch of salt and pepper

Add wine and enough water to leave about 2” of liquid


 Bring to rapid boil and insert top part of steamer

Add lobsters head first, cover and steam for 5 minutes

Add shucked corn and cooked sausage and wait 5 minutes

Add clams and wait 5 minutes.

When lobsters are bright red, remove to cool on cutting board and add shrimp to pot and cover

In a few minutes, once clams are open and shrimp are red, cut off heat


Remove lobster head, claws and tail and set aside

Cut lobster tail down the middle,  remove the meat and cut in half

Crack the claws but leave intact and *discard the body

Arrange lobsters heads, tail meat and cracked claws on platter

Pile on the corn, sausage, clams and shell-on shrimp and lemons (cut in quarters) 

Add a few tbs. of fresh cut parsley, serve and wait for the ......ooohs and ahhhs!


This is a hands-on messy dish…..so have your guests dress casually and serve with plenty of paper towels

 * I save the body and use for stock!


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