William Yeoward Bunny Stemware

Bunny is an elegant pattern originating from the late 18th century. The rosette motif was very popular at that time and Bunny continues today as a favorite pattern for brides. It has a beautiful combination of delicate engraving and flat cuts. The shape lends itself to both formal and informal settings.


Large Wine: 6.5", 16.5cm, 7oz

Goblet: 7", 18cm, 8 oz

Champagne Flute: 8", 20cm, 15oz

Old Fashioned Tumbler: 4", 10cm, 9oz

Double Old Fashioned Tumbler: 4.5", 11cm, 14oz

Liqueur Tumbler: 2.25", 6cm, 3oz

Tumbler Highball: 5.75", 14.5cm, 14oz

$170.00 USD